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Protect your headset and Improve safety

Securely mount your headset control module for a safer, more organized cockpit in 4 easy steps:

1) Use rubbing alcohol (or other cleaner to remove hand oils from mounting surface)

2) Peel back tape cover

3) Place holder in desired location

4) Brag to other pilots about how much cooler your cockpit looks now.

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The only one guaranteed

 to keep your controls where you want them.  Tough turbulence or hot sun, Nirvana Aviation's superior design and construction will grip tightly year after year...for LIFE... so that you can  FOCUS ON FLYING!

Replacement Adhesive Strip

Replacement Adhesive Strip

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As is always the case in aviation, any pilot behind the yoke is pilot in command. The PIC is responsible for all decisions made regarding product use, product placement, and response to product performance prior to, during, and after flight. Mid flight failures can and do happen. Failure of the PIC to respond safely can result in injury and/or death. No claims or representations, express or implied, are made by Nirvana Aviation as to the safety, reliability, and performance of any of our products. Furthermore, Nirvana Aviation, its members, and representatives accept no liability for the safety, reliability, and performance of any of our company's products. By purchasing this product, the Buyer realeases Nirvana Aviation and its employees from any and all liability from injury that results from poor decision making with regards to product placement and/ or usage. Seriously, folks, be safe up there. Keep a cool head and follow your training (and always continue learning and mastering your skills).  GA is a wonderful community. Make good decisions so we can hold onto it for generations to come.